Wednesday, August 21, 2013

City Council approves Global Water agreement

(City of Maricopa Press Release) – On July 9th of 2012, Global Water Resources filed rate increase applications with the Arizona Corporation Commission that would adversely impact Maricopa residents. In response, on February 22nd of this year, the City of Maricopa filed an Application for Leave to Intervene in order to have a voice in the rate application process.

On August 13th, the parties involved reached a Settlement Agreement, which has been signed by Global Water and its utility affiliates, Arizona Corporation Commission staff, and the Residential Utility Consumer Office. Through this process, the City of Maricopa has aggressively fought to achieve appropriately priced water and waste water rates.

Tonight after an extended discussion, the Maricopa City Council voted to become a signatory of the Settlement Agreement. After careful thought and deliberation, it became clear to the City Council that the terms of the Settlement Agreement represented the best possible outcome for the residents of Maricopa.

Additionally, by the City Council’s agreement to sign, Global Water agrees to wait an additional year before filing any additional rate increases for Santa Cruz Water Company and Palo Verde Utility Company. This is the result of a special concession negotiated between the City of Maricopa and Global Water.

The members of the Maricopa City Council – as the locally-elected governing body, as well as Global Water ratepayers themselves – will continue to actively seek out options and alternatives in order to attain more viable and affordable water and waste water services for the residents of Maricopa.

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