Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fire Department hosting Drowning Impact Awareness Month BBQ

(City of Maricopa Press Release) – This Saturday, August 24th, the Maricopa Fire Department, along with the Maricopa Rotary Club, will host a water safety BBQ at the Maricopa Rotary Club Pool located at 44200 West Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway. The event, which will serve as the final attempt to draw attention to Drowning Impact Awareness Month, will take place from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.

It has been just a few short weeks since Maricopa Mayor Christian Price, along with mayors across the state, adopted a proclamation making August Drowning Impact Awareness Month. Prior to that point the state of Arizona had seen the death of 6 children in water related incidents. Over the past 3 weeks 2 more valley children have succumbed to drowning. The Maricopa Fire Department feels it necessary to exhaust every possible effort to prevent these tragic events. That is why we invite every man, woman, and child in Maricopa to attend an event that will provide vital information in regards to water and life safety.

Food and refreshments will be provided and the pool will be open for all to enjoy. Presentations will include the “ABC’s of water safety” and other important safety practices to implement around water. Please join us as we support the community and ALL of its members.

For more information about drowning prevention and Drowning Impact Awareness Month, visit

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