Friday, August 23, 2013

Periods of heavy rain expected this weekend

The National Weather Service is predicting periods of heavy rain with flooding possible, along with gusty winds, thunderstorms and the possibility of related dust storms. The expected timing of these storms is from Saturday into early next week.

There is a tropical storm system churning off the Baja California peninsula that is expected to cause these storms and periods of heavy rainfall, particularly in southern Arizona.

Currently, there is only one road closure in the Arizona City area. Sasco Road from Hollis Road to La Osa Ranch Road is currently closed because the Santa Cruz River is running. However, Pinal County Public Works crews and their counterparts in the municipalities are expected to be on alert for road and street flooding throughout the weekend.

Motorists are urged to please slow down and do not cross flooded washes or bypass the 'road closed' barricades. It can mean the difference between life and death.

As little as two feet of water can sweep a car off the road and into a dip or wash. While the water may not look so deep, the road can be eroded underneath making the wash impassable. Flooded roads may also conceal debris or large objects that can damage your vehicle. Vehicles damaged by driving through flooded areas may result in extremely costly repairs or denial of insurance claims.

Pinal County Public Works crews will set up barricades if safety officials feel certain roadways are too dangerous to cross. There are more tips for staying safe at and

An updated list of road closures will be issued next week as needed.

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