Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Babeu/Voyles: Remembering and honoring first responders on September 11th anniversary

(News Release) - This Wednesday, September 11, 2013, represents the twelfth anniversary since terrorists attacked the United States and Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu and Pinal County Attorney Lando Voyles want to honor and thank those men and women who serve our great nation as first responders.

In the moments following the terrorist attacks which killed nearly 3,000 people, first responders rushed into the Pentagon, the World Trade Center and to the fateful field in Pennsylvania to assist and save the lives of those in harm’s way.  Without regard for their own safety and lives, firefighters, port authority, police officers and paramedics all sacrificed their lives attempting to help others.  According to reports compiled following the events, a total of 405 first responders gave their lives as a result of the cowardly acts of a few on that September morning.

First responders in this nation serve a brave mission and everyday go to work knowing they could lose their lives to save others.  For these sacrifices and knowing the sacrifices that the families of those first responders from September 11 continue to make, their offices remember and honor the service of first responders throughout our nation as they continue to work knowing the risks they face.

The loss of one first responder in the line of duty represents a terrible loss to our communities, state, and nation.  This year, however, Arizona has lost 23 first responders and we experienced the single largest loss of life for Arizona’s first responders with the 19 fallen Granite Mountain Hotshots, who tragically gave their lives in the line of duty as they fought the wildfires near Yarnell on June 30th.  It is with this devastating loss that we again saw how Arizonans and America come together as a state and nation to express our condolences and thanks for those who serve to protect our way of life by fighting on the front lines.

Also among our fallen heroes in 2013 includes a member of the Arizona Department of Public Safety, an officer with the Phoenix Police Department, and a firefighter with the Phoenix Fire Department.

Reflecting on the lives and sacrifices of these men and women, we also recognize and thank the sacrifice and dedication of the men and women of our armed services.  Our nation’s military remains the most professional and strongest in the world.  Acting on the front lines, on foreign territory, the United States military continues working to defeat our enemies on their soil to further protect our way of life.

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