Saturday, September 21, 2013

Opinion: Show your Ram Pride!

(Submitted by Merry Grace)

What's that in the air? Why it's Ram Pride of course! School spirit fever is spreading and it's awesome to see! Mayor Price has officially proclaimed the week of October 14th to be Paint The Town Red week in honor of Homecoming week. He didn't stop there! A proclamation was also made to name the day of October 18th as Ram Pride Day!

It is wonderful to see the city and community supporting school spirit. This is more than just supporting the football team. This is about supporting the band, the cheerleaders, the student council, all of the students, teachers and parents. It's about supporting our schools. In his proclamation Mayor Price mentioned that in showing pride in our schools, we are showing pride in our students and teachers and encouraging them to excel in their schools and in their communities. There are wonderful things happening in our schools and it's time to stop overlooking them and start highlighting them!

I'd like to encourage our community to come out and help honor our students and their excitement as they extend an arm to us to be a part of their Homecoming celebration. There will be a district wide spirit week that includes our Future Rams as well. For Paint The Town Red week let's see some creativity and decorate our towns' homes and businesses with Ram Pride. Student Council will be holding a contest to see who has the most Ram Pride! On October 17th there will be a Powder Puff football game and community pep rally with a parade at half time. On October 18th there will be a community carnival followed by the Homecoming game and dance. On Saturday at Stage Coach Days a flag football will occur between alumni and city leaders.

So what are you waiting for? Go get that window paint, balloons, ribbon, posters, etc and have fun with it! Which HOA can have the most Ram Pride? Which business will outdo the others? Which elementary or middle school will be bursting with Ram Pride? Let's show our Rams that we not only love them, but we stand behind them and believe in them! Let's show any visitor driving through our town that they are in Ram Country!

A big thank you sent out to our city leaders working with our school leaders to support our school system! Thank you to all of the community joining in to help make Homecoming 2013 a true community celebration! Show us your Ram Pride!!!!!

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