Thursday, December 12, 2013

County supervisors approve new open space and trails advisory commission

The Pinal County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a new Open Space and Trails Advisory Commission.

The commission will consist of ten members from the public, each of the five Supervisors will have two selections to the body. The members must be either a resident of Pinal County or be a business or property owner within the county.

"The Board has made open space and trails a priority," said Open Space and Trails Director Kent Taylor. "It is appropriate and important to have a citizen commission made up of interested parties to offer recommendations to the Supervisors on issues that affect this area."

The commission will act as a recommending body to the Supervisors on a variety of issues surrounding open space, trails and regional parks. They will also help to develop and encourage public participation in support of open space, trails and regional parks within the county boundaries.

"The Board approved the Open Space and Trails Master Plan in October 2007. There is also a chapter in our Comprehensive Plan that addresses Open Spaces and Places," Taylor said. "This commission will be the recommending body to the Board of Supervisors that will help the county implement both the Master Plan and the Comprehensive Plan when it comes to these community investments."

To apply for a spot on the Open Space and Trails Advisory Commission, go to (shortened URL): Instructions on how to mail it back to the county are on the application.

(Photo: Sam McCallie/Maricopa Community News)

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